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Door Access Systems

Are you concerned about who is entering your building?

Door Access Systems/Proximity Access Control Systems

With a card-activated door access system you are able to keep track of the dates and times different individuals entered your premises. Time scheduling allows you to control the access certain users have at different times of the day, and includes holiday scheduling functions. Should an individual lose or have their card stolen there is no need to go to the expense of changing locks, you simply disable the missing card! Card access systems can also restrict access to certain floors in multi-story buildings by integrating the system into the lift control.

To take security to a higher level, a keypad access system can be installed to work hand in hand with the card access system. From the control of a 1 or 2 door system all the way up to major networked solutions handling hundreds of doors, there is a large range of options available.

Biometric Finger Print Scanners

IP Based Biometric Fingerprint Readers for Access Control applications use an advanced algorithm ensuring reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. Reading fingerprints or Swipe Cards and storing 600 templates, 1000 Cards and 15,000 transactions these cutting-edge systems also feature built-in Serial and Ethernet ports.