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Residential Security

Action Security & Access recommend and install burglar alarms designed specifically for the accurate detection of human beings. Our technologically advanced security systems are able to recognise when spot-temperature changes are caused by anything from small animals to curtains moving in the breeze, ensuring false alarms are an extremely rare occurence.

Residential Security

Our Residential Security solutions include:

  • Security Gates & Intercoms
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Home Automation
  • Detection Devices

We use a wide range of detection devices to suit our client’s needs and the intended environment for the alarm systems, including long-range and pet-immune detectors.

User Friendly Keypads

Our alarm system keypads are incredibly simple to operate, allowing the user to easily arm/disarm the device and recall any event history/alarm activation. Fitted with an LCD (liquid crystal display) you can quickly identify which zones have been activated, alerting you to the exact presence of any intruder, while the sleek, modern design or our units ensures they fit unobtrusively in to any surrounding.

Service and Maintenance

Regular Service and Maintenance checks are recommended for both Residential and Business Security Alarms. Like a WOF for your car, these checks lessen the chances of false activations and costly after-hours callouts, and provide the opportunity to change your User Codes and review your overall security system.


Our Technicians can attend faults on practically any model of Security Alarm System, while our knowledgeable office staff are often able to talk you through simple trouble-shooting over the phone.

Gate Access Systems

Access Systems allow you to identify visitors before granting them access to your property via an intercom and automatic gate system. A gate access system allows you to speak to the visitor and identify them before they can gain entry to your property. Once you have spoken to them, you can remotely open the gate, locking it again once they have entered. External intercom units are constructed from extremely durable materials,making them virtually “vandal proof”.

Visual Intercom Systems

Visual Intercoms are also available, enabling you to identify visitors through the use of a camera system.

Automated Gate Opening

Automated Gate Opening systems detect your car and open as you approach. With a “Ground Loop” access system the gates to your property will open automatically when activated by your fixed in-vehicle transmitter, so you don’t have to search for the remote control.