Alarm Systems

Alarms have evolved dramatically over the years, becoming both more efficient and far-reaching in their application, and also considerably more user-friendly.

From standard alarm systems and detection devices to Security Gates with Audio and/or Visual Intercoms and full home or office automation, the extensive range of alarm systems now on the market allows us to cater a plan to suit your specific circumstances and unique environment.

An Alarm has a Main Control Panel (the brains of the alarm) and holds the Backup Battery and the Circuit Board. From here, Cables are run up the walls, through the Ceiling, and into the area for the Keypad (Code Pad), Intruder and Smoke Detectors and the Sirens.

Remote Controls can be added to any Alarm System we install and these can be programmed to operate the Alarm and the Garage Door. A Cable needs to be run from the Main Control Panel to the Garage Door Motor, so good roof access is required.

In some instances Wireless may be a better way of protecting your property. If there is no roof access, or detached buildings need protection, Wireless is a good option. Talk to us about this.

Touch Screen Keypads are becoming more popular now and these can be used to control almost anything in your home from the Garage Door, Automatic Gate and even the Man Cave! Talk to us about how we can help you.

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