Alarms have evolved dramatically over the years, becoming both more efficient and far-reaching in their application, and also considerably more user-friendly.

Electrical work is synonymous with security, and we are pleased to have a Registered Electrician
working with us at Action Security & Access.

From simple Electrical solutions like changing Fuses or Oven Elements, to full Residential and
Commercial Electrical Designs, Pre Wires and Fit Offs, we can now offer this service as part of our
increasing range of products.

We can install and Service Spa Pool Pumps, Outdoor Lighting, Heated Towel Rails, Flood Lights,
Security Lights and anything else electrical.

Our goal is to offer a total electrical and security service to minimise dealing with a number of
Tradespeople, when Action Security & Access can do this all for you.

All Electrical work carried out by us will give you ‘peace of mind’ that the work done will meet with
Industry Standards in a professional and friendly manner. An Electrical Code of Compliance will be
issued for all Electrical connections.

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Gate Access Systems

Action Security & Access – Gate Access Systems allow you to identify visitors before allowing them to enter your property with an intercom and automatic gate system. A gate access system allows you to speak to the visitor and identify them before they can gain access to your property. Once you have spoken to them, you can remotely open the gate and then lock it again once they have entered. External intercom units are constructed of extremely sturdy and durable material making them virtually “vandalism proof”.

Automated Gate Opening

With a “Ground Loop” access system, the gates to your property will open automatically when activated by your fixed in-vehicle transmitter, so you don’t have to search for the remote control. Automated gate opening systems detect your car and open as you approach

Visual Intercom Systems

Action Security & Access – Also available is the option of a visual intercom, enabling you to identify visitors through a camera system.