Intercoms increase your ability to monitor and oversee who enters your property.

With an incredibly wide array of intercoms and access systems now on the market the ability to control who and what is permitted on to your property has never been greater.
Gate Access Systems

You can’t give access to your place to everyone, right. So we have the utmost solutions for you with our gate access system. An access that only permits to enter the person who is known to you. The intercoms play a crucial role in identifying the person behind your door. Action security intercom systems in Christchurch are installed by the people to make their safety.

Automated Gate Opening systems

Automated Gate Opening systems open your gates as your car nears, having been alerted to your approach by a transmitter in your vehicle. You’ll never again find yourself desperately searching for the remote control as you approach your home, as the intuitive system can be programmed to recognise and allow access to specific vehicles, closing the gate again behind you after you have passed through.

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